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You are enough.

Pink Blossom
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Teen Girl's Anxiety Survival Toolkit
Proven Workbook for Defeating Worries, Stress, and Challenges of Social Media. CBT Skills to Prepare for The Future. 

Do you know that feeling before an important test or when you are about to meet someone new? Your heart won't stop racing, your body feels jittery, and your brain keeps telling you, "Something is about to go wrong!"
Well, guess what? We all go down that spiral every once in a while. Anxiety is that uninvited, overdramatic guest that crashes your life at the most peaceful times. It leaves you wondering what happened all of a sudden. Why does everything that felt fine a moment ago seem to fall apart now?
This book, Anxiety Workbook for Teen Girls, will help you:

  • Identify and understand your triggers

  • Manage general anxiety

  • Tackle social worries and fears

  • Overcome performance anxiety

  • Effectively manage test anxiety

  • Understand identity anxiety

  • Strengthen positive relationships and bonds

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Prepare for the future

Negativity might crash your life at the most unexpected times, but it is in your control to shut the door in its face. It is never too late to learn the art of telling those negative thoughts they aren't welcome. You have it in you. So, get up and reclaim your cool, calm, and collected self.
You are not holding just another self-help book in your hands right now. This read is packed with science-backed, practical strategies that will help you conquer your anxiety. Turn the page and start reading.
You have had enough of those sweaty palms, butterflies in the gut, and nerve-wracking moments before a big test. It is time to rise above the chaos!

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